The Jerusalem Trust

The objects of the Trust are:

  • to advance the Christian religion and to promote Christian organisations and the charitable purposes and institutions they support;
  • to advance Christian education and learning.

The trustees’ priority areas are as follows:

Christian Evangelism and Relief Work Overseas.

  • Programmes which build capacity through the training of the laity and clergy;
  • The translation of Christian books and other materials;
  • Provision of aid to the persecuted church;
  • Priority areas are Anglophone sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

Christian Media

  • Media projects that promote Christianity in the UK, North Africa and the Middle East;
  • Training and networking projects for Christians working professionally in, or considering a career in, the media;
  • Trustees are particularly interested in the creative use of digital media and the internet to promote Christianity;
  • The Trust also funds Jerusalem Productions which, amongst other things, enters into co-productions with national broadcasters and runs the Jerusalem Awards for religious radio and internet productions.

Christian Education

  • The development of Christian curriculum resource materials for schools in RE and across the curriculum;
  • The support of RE as a subject, both in curriculum development and in supporting RE teachers and teacher training;
  • The support, training and retention of Christian teachers in all subjects;
  • Adult lay Christian training and education;
  • Projects which encourage Christians in leadership in schools;
  • To download a copy of the trustees’ current Education Strategy paper, please click here.

Christian Art

  • Commissions of works of art for places of worship.

Evangelism and Christian Mission in the UK

  • Christian projects that develop new ways of working with children and young people, in particular those working with children who have little or no contact with the church;
  • Support for youth work and projects with young adults;
  • Evangelistic projects, especially new and emerging evangelists;
  • Work with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

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