The Jerusalem Trust

The objects of the Trust are:

  • to advance the Christian religion and to promote Christian organisations and the charitable purposes and institutions they support
  • to advance Christian education and learning

Trustees make grants under the following headings:

  • Christian Evangelism and Relief Work Overseas, specifically the provision of support for indigenous training centres and the provision of Christian literature in Central and Eastern Europe and Anglophone sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Christian media, including Jerusalem Productions, which among other things enters into co-productions with national broadcasters, and runs the
    Jerusalem Awards, for religious radio and internet productions. Trustees support media projects that promote Christianity as well as training and networking projects for Christians working professionally in, or considering a career in, the media.
  • Christian Education: The development of Christian curriculum resource materials for schools in RE and across the curriculum; the recruitment and development of Christian teachers in all subjects; and adult lay Christian training and education. To download a copy of the trustees’ current Education Strategy paper, please click here.
  • Christian art
  • Evangelism and Christian mission in the UK: Trustees are particularly interested in Christian projects that develop new ways of working with children and young people; in church planting and evangelistic projects, including those that undertake Christian work with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

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